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Are You Interested To Help POPOLOGY® With A Unique Essay Entry For Social Good?

Pop Culture reveals social issues and creates new ones. In your post reply, consider various aspects of society. Think about popular culture’s effect on different generations, languages, or values. 

1. Describe ways in which pop culture divides social groups.

2. Do pop songs represent the voice of society?

3. What social issues does pop music contribute to?

4. Analyze the media’s influence on women’s self-image.

5. How does an expectation of the zombie apocalypse affect the Americans?

6. The impact of T.V. shows on self-realization amongst teenagers.

7. Does popular literature disconnect teenagers from society?

8. Why do people incorporate fictional characters in protest marches?

9. What do modern toys teach children about body image?

10. Did pop culture contribute to social unrest in the U.S.?

11. Discover the way popular movies contribute to discrimination.

12. In what ways do memes influence public opinion?

13. Analyze the effects of mass media on one’s sexuality.

14. Examine the impact of YouTube on young adults’ career choices.

15. Does pop culture promote promiscuous behavior?

16. Describe the way modern movies stigmatize obesity.

17. What family values are projected in today’s mass media?

18. Explore the harming side of fandoms.

19. Does mainstream media sabotage social norms or encourage them?

20. Do pop songs encourage rebellious behavior amongst teens?

21. What kind of lesson does pop culture teach about gender?

22. Correlation between mobile games and the overuse of display devices.

23. Discover stereotypes that are prevalent in the pop industry nowadays.

24. Analyze the effect of television on bullying.

25. In what light does pop culture portray religion?

Let us introduce our director of >>>  The POPOLOGY® Academy Of Media Arts (And Sciences) <<< education venture, Miss Nancy Ruiz!  She is currently assembling our K-12 curriculums and chartering our public reach to support communities in tandem to our online app soon to rollout!