POPOLOGIST® Community From its’ members to iconic mentors, the POPOLOGIST® Community are POPOLOGIST® Ambassadors identifying as a leading culture ministry to support positive social changes, and media literacy awareness locally and around the globe. Are You A POPOLOGIST®?

Executive Team

Joe Rey

Founder, Vice President, C.M.O & the 1st POPOLOGIST®

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Dan Rush

Co-Founder, President, C.I.O, and C.T.O. (we call him Big POPPA)

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Our mission extends beyond convention, encompassing the creation of cutting-edge software and content, the orchestration of live experiences for educational and cultural institutions, and dynamic collaborations with corporate and governmental entities to engineer and execute impactful solutions.

Welcome to POPOLOGY®, the Vanguard of Cultural Empowerment and Global Transformation. In a landscape where America stands uniquely devoid of a dedicated department or ministry of culture, the urgent call for a unified philosophy echoes. Amidst a sea of technological upheaval and crises in mental health, misinformation, political polarization, climate change, social inequality, and fleeting attention spans, POPOLOGY® rises as the indispensable Culture Ministry Syndicate, poised to tackle these challenges head-on and enlisting Citizen Journalists aptly coined as POPOLOGIST® Ambassadors.

At the nucleus of our pursuit are the fundamental tenets of art, culture, and technology. Our innovative strategy spans a spectrum of offerings, from original short-form content, interactive educational marvels, and feature-length films to meticulously curated POPcast® media streams, captivating docu-series, and avant-garde exploration in augmented and virtual reality. These transformative creations not only grace the revered screens of cultural institutions but also find their way onto major platforms, international networks, and into the hands of educators shaping minds across North America and beyond.

POPOLOGY® stands tall as more than a mere cultural innovator; it’s a dynamic force propelling positive change and championing values integral to a society navigating the intricacies of the 21st century. Here, each Culture Minister is proudly known as a POPOLOGIST®, shaping the narrative and steering our collective journey towards a brighter cultural future.

Executive Director Level

Louis M. Heidelberger Esquire

Director of Intellectual Property, & Chief Legal Officer

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Carol Farabee

President of POPOLOGY® Academy For Media Arts

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Technology Team Leaders

Emon Hossain

Senior Application Developer

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Ahsan Ali

Senior UI & Gaming Developer

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Executive Administrator

Diana Rey

Executive Administrator and Treasurer (simply Queen of POPOLOGY®!)

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“A POPOLOGIST® is a science & spiritually minded creative professional, seeking to define the collective landscape of popular, towards the good of all people!”

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