POPOLOGY® API will be on top of several different APIs. It provides a single point of implementation and delivers a unique and standardized API regardless of what APIs or services it integrates with.

POPOLOGY® API aggregation will help partnering content providers succeed by:
Providing a single secure interface to several industry communities, lowering the workload of on-boarding and supporting TPPs for them.

Providing international reach to TPPs in one single integration so they can compete on a larger market from the start.

Acting as a matchmaker between api and the TPP ecosystem to accelerate partnerships.

Providing visibility and TPP reach to smaller platforms with a future-proof of digital strategy.

Combine your Social Networks

The essential ability of different computerized products and systems to readily connect and exchange information with one another is the formula premise of the POPOLOGY® Networks POPsphere™. Combine all of your social portals into one trackable asset reporting platform, to own and operate your data. 


Curate the Entire Web

Create a monetizeable streaming media micro-broadcast™ we call a POPcast® from all of your preferred social stories.


The Immersive 3d POPsphere™

Get on the ball inside of your own POPsphere™.  An immersive 3d workspace and curation timeline machine.   Visualize  the relationships between people, portals and brands. Decrease misinformation by using all restFUL API’s  and social portals into one webified “WOWZER BROWZER™” unified search engine. 


Earn From Your Data

We provide cross platform user insights and POPmetrics™ for every keystroke, email, like share and post. In fact we reward you for 100% of your cross platform searches, and other business apps too.  As long as POPOLOGY® Networks is active for you, we reward you , and report to you!


Enticing Immersive Experience:

A POPsphere™ is for All Devices Desktop, Web, Mobile, AR & VR Technologies

POPOLOGY® Networks has done it! A truly futuristic and gamified platform that draws you into itself to provide a more intentional time and activity clad media experience.


Be The Most POPULAR on the BLOCKchain

POPOLOGY® Networks and the POPmetrics™ on the POPblock Data Reporting

We’ve got the social architecture and the social influence by combining your most popular APIs into one robust user experience, affirming you control to own and operate your data and social profiles, further gain license to use DIGITAL RIGHTS never accessible before while earning POPOLOGY®coin! 


Use Remix & Gamify

One goal of POPOLOGY® is to increase the amount of openly licensed creativity in “the commons” — the body of work freely available for legal use, sharing, repurposing, and remixing. Through the use of the POPOLOGY® licenses, we open the playing field to copyright holders as well. Millions of people around the world have made their photos, videos, writing, music, and other creative content available for any member of the public to use. We have Brand Partnerships in the form of POPmercial® spots, and Fortune 500 Content Catalogue Partners that hold the best in DIGITAL MEDIA merchandised for you to use in your POPcast® stream.


Restoring Trust in POPULAR:

Distributed Ledgers for Transparency, Trust As Social Rating.

“Popular” as a social commodity is run by big brands funded well and big brand computers systems for audience reach. POPOLOGY® Networks combines these social anomalies into one reality you direct and earn from. These therefor garner true measures of the PEOPLES POPULAR on our PUBLIC TRUST BLOCKCHAIN. In 10 years time, all data ledgered 80% owned by the People and POPOLOGIST® Users alone for the peoples will to be legislated by this incorruptible data. 


Media Literacy Is Why

We Listened, Now You Have The Education To Discern Misinformation. Aggregation of all media, and cross platform searches will highlight the diversity of views and social agendas. Get facts and publish the most sentient and news worthy data in story form, while reporting socially responsible posts in a streaming POPcast®. Enjoy our full media suite of enhanced features, privacy settings, and many other features in our several unique dashboards of functionality.


Currency, Exchange, & Digital Rights Tracking

POPOLOGY®coin and IN-App POtoken™ Establish Circle Economy. We incentivize you with 1,000 POPtoken™ assignment to use or lose in a 24 hour period every day. What ever you earn above and beyond is yours to keep, trade spend or stake a wager in our “FUTURES IN POPULAR™” marketplace. The only sanctified earner of quantimized mining created by the user. Not a field of energy sucking mining pools that overheat and are not eco-friendly. 


Decentralized  Data Controlled By Our POPOLOGIST® Users

Users own and operate their own data. We created a 501(c)3  PUBLIC TRUST BLOCKCHAIN entity as a work of semantic web data compatibilities with efficient smart-contracting signed claims, assembling  numerous combined technologies , storing and reporting encrypted data via the POPOLOGY® blockchain as a unique community innovation. 




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