Carol Farabee

President of POPOLOGY® Academy For Media Arts

Mrs. Carol Farabee is a lively and lovely University Professor & IT Technologist. Leading the POPOLOGY® 501c3 Community data holdings in our Public Trust Blockchain, Mrs. Carol is trusted to govern this Public Utility asset

Mrs. Carol leads our POPOLOGY® media literacy education platform, offering an advanced and sophisticated curriculum of POPOLOGY® Academy For Media Arts Inc. (P.A.F.M.A. Inc.). Emphasizing grades K-12, while addressing “special needs” scholars as well.

Carol is a Navy Veteran, author, entrepreneur, professor, business owner, and is active in the community.

Carol is a grant writer and teaches grant writing as well as writes grant in these impact areas: Social, Environmental, Economic, Education, and Arts and Culture.

Carol has a BA in Sociology, MBA in Management, and an MS in Systems Engineering, PhD(abd) in Applied Management. She has held positions as Quality Engineer, Production Manager, Documentation and Training Manager, Consultant, Database Administrator, Production Artist as well as President, CEO and Vice President.

Carol has written 50 books. She has a 20 book series about Teens in the West, and 15 books are currently on Amazon and other websites. Carol has been involved in community service for nonprofits for the past 20 years. She has 23 certifications in nonprofit management. She founded the Young Writers Foundation (501c3) and works with many to build their writing skills and career development.

The Cooperative Collaboration Coalition was created to work with nonprofits to help them partner with other organizations to strengthen the health of the community and common good. Arizona Business Incubator (501c3) works with nonprofits and for-profit entrepreneurs for economic growth and prosperity. The Stop The Hurt Club (501c3 works with all social impact areas to support them to stop the hurt in our society. Carol is a grant reviewer for the US Department of Education, and other departments.