The POPOLOGY® Academy For Media Arts Inc. (Non Profit) WORKSHOPS

(P.A.F.M.A.) is an accredited education and charitable organization that promotes, produces and provides access to a variety of arts experiences encompassing the visual, media including the performing arts and related sciences.

P.A.F.M.A. Inc dba POPOLOGY® Academy For Media Arts (& Sciences) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. A stand alone corporate division of POPOLOGY® Megaverse Llc. A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the POPOLOGY® Networks headquarters by calling (503) 568-9525 or from the website Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state. One hundred percent (100%) of each contribution is received by POPOLOGY® Academy For Media Arts (& Sciences).

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POPOLOGY® Academy Workshop


Whether you consider yourself a seasoned professional, an emerging filmmaker, or a beginner, POPOLOGY® Academy offers a range of adult education programs focused on documentary filmmaking, commercial spot writing and making, and music video producing from idea to screen.. Beginners may want to check out our introductory production, pre-production, editing, and storytelling classes and webinars. Those filmmakers with more experience can find a variety of professional development workshops, POPOLOGIST® bootcamps, panels, expert talks, master classes, and other programs focused on everything from taking your camerawork or editing to the next level to developing a fundraising strategy to honing your pitch.

Filmmaking Training and Tutorials

Learn how to make a movie—how to shoot and direct a full length feature film by well known veterans of media, and edit your footage with software like Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. Learn filmmaking from the pros ( we call them a POPOLOGIST®) with tips from featured (DGA) directors, screenwriters, and producers.

Product Designer Creating Digital Experiences,

Design and collaboration go hand in hand. When we want to discuss problems, imagine new ideas and brainstorm solutions, it’s best to bring people together. But beware: that alone doesn’t automatically guarantee creative outputs and ideas. Too often, a discussion can go unfocused, brainstormed solutions end up scattered and lacking direction, or the session dissolves into a competition of who can assert their ideas louder.

Collaboration comes in many flavors, from small informal working sessions and group critiques to full-blown workshops.

How To Authentically Express Yourself for Power, Confidence, and Influence

The ability to truly express oneself comes from a sense of being secure in oneself. Security and a thick skin comes from knowing who you are, and what you stand for. Expression is brightest when it emanates from a place of authenticity, heart, and love. If you were to point to your favorite person, you could say they have a certain “something” to them. What YOU found was that they had the ability to express an appealing quality to you.


Not everyone expresses themselves. This can be due to fear, not knowing who they truly are, or not even knowing how to do so. So, often others try to fit in among the crowd. This fitting in, this settling causes inner tension. A tension between WHO THEY ARE vs. WHO THEY ARE TRYING TO BE. People often do things because OTHERS do it, NOT necessarily because THEY like to do it.


We MUST DISCOVER who we are, GAIN self-awareness, and LEARN how to express ourselves. Once we do so, self-expression has the power to transform lives. One can then live their life in alignment with who they are, and authentically express it to the world.

Disclaimer: Self-Expression applies given one is in a safe environment. You must make sure the environment in which you wish to express yourself in is SAFE. Safe environment meaning: your expression DOES NOT put you in danger or cause you harm.