Home Show Edition.

Each player (tested up to 4, yet 5 is optimum) deposits their camera phone in record mode and into the cradle receive center rotation platform. (self charging units standard.) the synchronicity of cameras content interlaced on app uploads, at the close of recorded game. (Recommend 15 minute rounds).

First to win the game piece letters to spell POPOLOGY® capturing shiny fo’ diamond letters. under the players assigned 8 bubbles. Proceed to “Y” and hold hold out for I, S, and T, and really be the POPOLOGIST®!

POP Trivia questions or “TRUTH or DARE” option to advance avatar gismo piece on wagered spaces advance for desired letter. Letters G, Y, I, S, & T are unavailable unless a “P”, “O”, & “P” are secure under their own bubbles. and another empty. Players can bump owner ship of “P”, & “O”’s.

Example: On the board if there are no “P”s, yet a fellow player has a “P” accomplished, You can steal his “P” for yourself if you can answer his or her’s chosen POP Trivia question. Correct answer wins letter.

All Players Get 8 empty bubble spaces, when “Y” is played ahead of time correctly they win and can exchange for I, Player next to them has “P” “O” & “P”, even an “O”, pop his “POP” bubbles for your “S” & “T”. Chellenger is left with a starter “P”.

OBJECT: The one to win spelling POPOLOGIST® first is the winner. Game continues until no letters on the board.
If another player wins with POPOLOGY, yet has to wait to level up if another player is in “I,S,T” level game play.