Joe Rey

Founder & First POPOLOGIST®

Joe Rey First POPOLOGIST®, Director, and Production Designer, His resume reads like a who’s who of top corporations and artists: Chrysler, The Backstreet Boys, Dr. Dre to Dr. Pepper, Fidelity Investments, Chrysler PT Cruiser, LeAnn Rimes to Busta Ryhmes.

Joe Rey has 10 years of B2B digital strategy, and digital marketing.
Fluent in cross-channel digital strategies, and cross branding opportunities.
Hands-on experience deploying marketing, content strategy and social media.

Growing up in Camden, New Jersey music was always playing in the neighborhood.
Joe honed his technical skills with some of the best Directors in the business such as Martin Scorsese, Jonathan Demme, Terry Gilliam, Hype Williams, Marcus Nispel, Bob Giraldi, and Joseph Khan.

Some of Joe Rey’s production designs have been honored as part of a permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art.  Joe’s ever expanding creativity founded POPOLOGY® as a science brand for media literacy as a venture to ledger and report “true popular” by and for the people. Established in 2001, two weeks before September 11, Joe Rey had his  “Jerry McGuire” moment. It was a cathartic experience of questioning himself asking, ‘What is MY message to the masses? Who can I be in this business? What more can I contribute?”

POPOLOGY® is simply about getting people to join in the conversation on the science and measure of true popular.