A BLOCKCHAIN STAKE & MINING GAME WHERE USERS WAGER THE AUDIENCE GROWTH OF ONE OR MANY MEDIA ASSETS CURATED IN THE POPcast®. A POPOLOGIST® plays for gamified POPtoken™ rewards, while ledgering digital rights on the blockchain!

The POPOLOGY® Book of POP Royalty Pages!

The POPOLOGY® Book Of POP (Royalty Pages) are Crypto Celebrity Trading Cards as an NFT (Non Fungible Token) site facilitating you to buy and control unique digital cards representing hundreds of various notable Rock & POP Stars, Icons & Innovators you love.

click on link >>> https://www.popologist.org/bookofpop <<< click on link

Blockchain gaming comes with multiple benefits for players.

Collect ’em! Trade ’em with your friends! The most important benefit is the true item ownership of the in-game assets. All the items, regardless of the game, are stored in your inventory (wallet), and you can sell them in any crypto marketplace that supports our particular POPOLOGY®coin & POPtoken™.

How to make money playing blockchain games?

Players can earn money from their valuable time spent in a game either by selling assets acquired or receiving in-game tokens that serve as the game currency. Those POPtokens™ (when applied) can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies and then converted to cash. (USD/EURO etc.)

Trading assets in any crypto game is now one click away, and that is a game-changer for the whole industry. If you would like a specific card in your favorite blockchain POPOLOGY® game, all you have to do is visit a marketplace and get it. Most of the time, prices are low (with exceptions), and you can build your deck based on your preferences, rather than getting random cards from packs.

Before you can purchase this POPOLOGY® Crypto Trading Card, Publish your knowledge or POPcontent™ bubble to the appropriate & categorical topic of chosen artist. Maybe you always wanted some memorabilia to remind you of KISS, or maybe you think the whole thing is inane. Either way, it reflects the zaniness of the cryptocurrency world.

POPOLOGY® Celebrity Crypto Trading Cards earn real value in the BOOK OF POP!

How do you know the data you propose to add to the blockchain biopic of this Artist?

Authentication, and great Celebrity details add great value to this Fan portal. Open a POPOLOGY® Networks Digital Wallet & start making POPtoken™ & POPOLOGY® Coin™, from your mobile phone, or computer world wide.

If your POPcontent™ is not validated with footnotes, photos, or articles, it will be POPPED, and no longer visible.



You can make any member of your POPOLOGY® Crypto Trading Card as a contributor, (without purchase) so they can add POPcontent™ for your crypto card value to raise. Adding multiple contributors is a great way to grow your content and keep it fresh and diversified.

But be warned that crytpocurrency values have fared poorly of late. And because cryptocurrencies are considered an asset in many parts of the world, including the US, you’d better keep records of any profits for your taxes.


Home Show Edition.

Each player (tested up to 4, yet 5 is optimum) deposits their camera phone in record mode and into the cradle receive center rotation platform. (self charging units standard.) the synchronicity of cameras content interlaced on app uploads, at the close of recorded game. (Recommend 15 minute rounds).

First to win the game piece letters to spell POPOLOGY® capturing shiny fo’ diamond letters. under the players assigned 8 bubbles. Proceed to “Y” and hold hold out for I, S, and T, and really be the POPOLOGIST®!

POP Trivia questions or “TRUTH or DARE” option to advance avatar gismo piece on wagered spaces advance for desired letter. Letters G, Y, I, S, & T are unavailable unless a “P”, “O”, & “P” are secure under their own bubbles. and another empty. Players can bump owner ship of “P”, & “O”’s.

Example: On the board if there are no “P”s, yet a fellow player has a “P” accomplished, You can steal his “P” for yourself if you can answer his or her’s chosen POP Trivia question. Correct answer wins letter.

All Players Get 8 empty bubble spaces, when “Y” is played ahead of time correctly they win and can exchange for I, Player next to them has “P” “O” & “P”, even an “O”, pop his “POP” bubbles for your “S” & “T”. Chellenger is left with a starter “P”.

OBJECT: The one to win spelling POPOLOGIST® first is the winner. Game continues until no letters on the board.
If another player wins with POPOLOGY, yet has to wait to level up if another player is in “I,S,T” level game play.