POPOLOGY® Linear TV will become a real-time television service that broadcasts scheduled programs, conventionally over the air or through satellite/cable, not streamed to a specific user.

The future is looking rather bright for streaming media platforms, and viewers can definitely count on Popology services to continue their growth.. We see it by the rapid expansion of platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. With fast broadband internet and streaming options services more available and cheaper, viewers can expect a fast and convenient viewing experience is expected to become more diverse, affordable and accessible whenever they please.


POPOLOGY® will bring the best of both worlds: digital entertainment content with national news content, national syndicated talk content, and local news and sports from the partnering affiliates.

No longer just in the living room, specifically the TV that sits in the room, but not at the touch point of your device that’s still very relevant for advertisers – Popology TV offers the attention of the whole household, the unique watchers, and does not just run ad blockers.

Because many of the devices people use for watching linear TV are Connected TVs, there are distinct opportunities there for smart, digital targeting:

Partnering advertiser can us the benefits of our connected platform environments, e.g. Smart TV apps
Connected TV as a medium for Addressable TV, e.g. allowing highly targeted advertising displayed in slots within the standard linear broadcast content
Clearly, addressable TV is on its way to bridge digital programmatic and linear TV. The synergy is very tantalizing for the advertisers. The use of connected TV technology allows for significant cost-efficiency through more precise targeting and rationalization of ad spend.

It’s more important than ever for advertisers to really understand who they are talking to – what they care about, what they respond to – otherwise getting down to a personal level in the home, just comes across as being creepy, plain and simple.

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