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From virtual reality to artificial intelligence, these technologies are shaping the future of video games. We innovate game ideas to inspire and educate on the media process.

Play The POPOLOGIST® Camera Slinger Video Game For Media Literacy: Purchase Download For >> Mac & Windows <<

This Game Supports The POPOLOGY® Academy For Media Arts Inc. (Non Profit). User is a Photo Journalist POPOLOGIST® and is tasked with images to capture, in the correct amount of battery life, memory data and make the headlines of the POPOLOGIST® News Paper! Tired Of All The Violence Packaged In Movies & Video Games? POPOLOGY® is forging a great future “Aiming With A Camera, Not A Gun” to educate and inspire our young people & the young at heart. We teach Media Literacy and Unique Career opportunities through software and good old first hand attention & Mentorship.

The POPOLOGIST® City Slicker & Camera Slinger


Object:   You are on assignment of a broadcast / newspaper company. “The POPOLOGIST®”, the object of this video game is no violence, and the the player is a Photo Journalist on a task mission to capture obvious and hidden scenes in the gritty city! This will help brand media literacy and many new POPOLOGIST® Ambassadors! Maybe You Too?

User can generate the artful images as NFT COLLECTIBLES as well. Enjoy!

Play “Futures In Popular”

Gamify an internet POPcast®! Experience POPOLOGY® Networks “Futures In POPULAR”. A Stake and Mining Game. Choose the media clip already in your POPcast® media stream you would like to engage with. Next decide on the duration of your mining dates via the drop down calendar module provided in the dashboard. Now enter the prospected numeric value of the increased Future views you think the content can be likely to receive … Smash that big Gold POPtoken™ to stake the amount of coins you want from your POPwallet. Press confirm to generate your smart contract. If your stake is accurate within the calendar period selected you can mine up to 20X your POPtoken™. Good Green Luck because no excessive energy is consumed to mine our rewards token! 


POPOLOGY® Artificial Intelligence isn’t just part of the gameplay experience. It’s part of the game-making experience. For several years now, our designers have been using AI to help them create games.

AI can generate game assets, which frees up designers from painstakingly drawing each individual tree in a forest or rock formation in a canyon. Instead, designers can offload that work to computers by using a technique called procedural content generation, which has become fairly standard practice in the industry.

Procedural content generation is also used to create game levels — sometimes randomly — so the player can enjoy a fresh experience each time.

Games routinely collect data on how a player experiences a game. This information is fed into an algorithm and is ultimately used by humans to tweak games based on its predictions of what players will like.

“Games are so much about what creates a compelling experience that people will keep coming back”


For decades, virtual reality has tantalized gamers with the prospect of a fully immersive experience. But the technology has yet to deliver on this promise.

Tech companies are looking to change that. Huge firms like Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Sony — and startups like Popology — have invested considerable resources to develop VR hardware and games.

VR is still a niche category when compared to the rest of the gaming industry. And despite its buzzy status, it continues to give many consumers pause.

When it comes to VR, we’re still in the early days. There are promising developments on the horizon


The future of social and entertainment is gaming. And the future of gaming is the POPOLOGY® community.

If the current trends and future forecasts of the gaming industry clue us into anything about ourselves, it’s that our desire to escape is far outpaced by our desire to connect.